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 . . do not have a favorite section! The information is amazing and very easy to understand.” —Dr. Chris Bellingham, ND, ND, Wound Specialist **Order your book today!** Visit **What is HSAM?** **HSAM** The Hand, Shoulder, Arm and Maintain™ method is a method of neural therapy that opens, stimulates, and maintains the many meridians within the hands and feet. Using a patented stainless steel instrument known as a TF4 Wand™, practitioners may safely and effectively work on specific points on the hands and feet to promote health and healing of many diseases and disorders. **The TF4 Wand™** The TF4 Wand™ was invented by Walter W. Giza, ND, in 1996. Dr. Giza created the Wand to make acupuncture therapies more user friendly, while allowing patients to still have access to the beneficial effects of traditional acupuncture. He used this instrument for many years in his clinic in New York City. In 2008, Dr. Giza created a new company called TF4 Sciences™, which manufactures and markets the Wand worldwide. The Wand is available in two different models: the TF4 Wand™ and the TF4 Wand/Ener-G™. The Wand and the Wand/Ener-G™ are the same in both design and function, and differ only in size. The TF4 Wand™ and the TF4 Wand/Ener-G™ are not to be confused with the TF4 Wand Medical Device, which is also manufactured by TF4 Sciences™. The TF4 Wand Medical Device is a medical device designed to aid in the practice of traditional medical acupuncture therapies. This device does not stimulate acupuncture points and has a much shorter length than the Wand or Wand/Ener-G™. The TF4 Wand and the TF4 Wand/Ener-G™ are not medical devices and are not FDA approved. TF4 Sciences™ sells the TF4 Wand and the TF4 Wand/Ener-G™ for the sole purpose of stimulating acupuncture points and maintaining and promoting health. **FAQs** **1. What are Acupuncture Points?** Acupuncture points are anatomic structures that are used in traditional acupuncture. The meridian system is composed of energy pathways throughout the body that become more energized in times of




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Sujoktherapybooksfreedownload adekha

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