7. Bio Ophthalmic Antiox Pack

7. Bio Ophthalmic Antiox Pack

  • The capsules contain:
    Only active Beneficial Ingredients, No Additives, Fillers, Contaminants, Soaps, Industrial Lubricants or Colorants. This product is Pure, Simple and Scientific.

    Warnings: Temporary bloating may occur within the First Days of Use.


    Bio Ophthalmic Antiox Pack Thirty two (32) Thermoformed Blister Packets 1,575 Milligrams of glutathione per packet with lutein. 

    30 Scientifically Sealed Blister Packets, 4 Capsules / Packet, 
    Total 120 Capsules / Box.

    As a dietary supplement, take One (1) Packet a day with a glass of water. Can be taken with a light meal. 


    **Daily Value not established
    Other Ingredients: None Discussions: The components are pure and kept fresh due to the packet has no air, just pure, Sterile Dry Nitrogen.